I see you…

Remember, there is just one thing that remains when we don’t. They are the albums of memories and even that you leave for others. What is really yours? Is it the dress that you brought that you can’t part away from? Or is it the shoes that you loved so much? You threw them away as you did with the dress, as you usually do with things when you cease to love them and there are just million replacements for everything. But do you want to be one of those million things? Last night you slept at 10pm, I saw you tried rolling on your bed and just laying down, thinking. I kept wondering what is it that makes you think so much?

The everyday routine or the same people you see everyday or is it the same ache in your feet after you remove those shoes? What do you think of, when nothing really is yours, its just my. To prove me that you are something that I have to look at you every second and waste my time. You are so conscious of your stomach today, it’s a peculiar thing to be conscious about when you have me to beat everyday. I am getting better and better and when I look at you I just see you as yesterday. Living but for what? I see you… climbing stairs today, not using the lift.

I see you… sad but showing that huge smile that you think hides it all. I see you… looking at people and wondering should I just be lazy? But then I know you witness my presence. I am the you that takes notes everyday and make myself better, but you remain just the same to me. You think I am you, but I am just the better you. Prove me everyday if you deserve my presence. Live once for yourself and not for the world. For what do you really live for? You strive at being better but the lines on your forehead makes you older you say. I say they make me stronger. I know you… because you made me. You made me because you needed to challenge and I just am better.

Life is so much. Has anyone ever said that? Other than beautiful and all the pancy words. Its so much, so much to do, so much to be. Don’t be sad today. You are way too busy. Might as well smile and move ahead. You have me to beat. I am here. I see you.


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I am an aspiring writer. Writing anything online is something I tried for the very first time. I consider myself to be traditional that way. Though i really wanted to knoe about my content from people and I found no better way than this. Comments mean a lot. It will help me to improve as a writer. I can’t wait to have this part of my journey started.


  1. Jacopo8th February 2018

    I always love reading your works, you are working really hard to be a really good writer(as i think you are). I like the way you described life itself i mean with all passing and that may be replaced wondering if we want to be one of the things replaced. I like the dualism of the presence like if it a outside presence and/or the “protagonist” iteself too and even both at the same time. It is like a way to incite the reader too to be better, because there is the presence to beat. I have to say that i feel this work really profound and difficult(meaning it in a good way like elaborate, thought a lot). Keep it up, i am looking forword to reading your next work.

    1. shrushtiandhare8th February 2018

      Thank you so much for your valuable comment.

  2. Priti Dhandrut14th February 2018

    Hey Shrushti, I must say you have explored the deep emotion and transformed it into words. It’s something which crosses through everyone’s mind but you have put it in interesting way. Loved it. Keep writing and exploring. ?


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