My Blood is on You

Why do they keep saying that death is stopping of blood flow, hearing no rhythm in the chest or feeling no movement in the veins? Today I have all these working fine but I don’t feel alive. I don’t feel like I belong here with any of these mortals that believe that I am living. Its all because of you. Its all because you killed me, that one live thing in me that actually made me feel alive; and the scary part is that you did not even have to touch me to do that. All you did was leave me and this time for good. Its not like you were always around me, it was not like you were there when I needed you most but then even when you went you always came back and that was all that I required to keep going.

To keep hoping that you will eventually be back and that I will tell you about all the days when you were not around and I can take that one pain which I live with alone when you are not here to make me live a bit longer when you go back again. Now you have taken that hope from me when you said, “This is the last time, no more.” You were crying, I could tell. Those big bright eyes that stared at me were blurred with water, your hands by your side trembling. I tried so hard to get past your barrier, to make all like it was before but you never let me. You shoved me aside like a trash can and all I did was stare back at you. The moment you walked out of the door, you killed me.

You killed me without spilling my blood. I was dead ruling out all options of being alive. Now I am nothing, nothing but a woman walking around without a life, and you are responsible. Even if you were coward enough to let me alone, I still blame you. My blood is on you even though its not red.


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I am an aspiring writer. Writing anything online is something I tried for the very first time. I consider myself to be traditional that way. Though i really wanted to knoe about my content from people and I found no better way than this. Comments mean a lot. It will help me to improve as a writer. I can’t wait to have this part of my journey started.


  1. Jacopo16th December 2017

    I like the way you describe feelings and what it can feel be left even suddenly, the way that this feeling can make you feel like a walking dead. I can feel the anger and the sadness of the woman, more the anger, like if she is in front of me telling me all this. You are really talented in describing emotions and make the reader lives the story like he is seeing all that and impersonate himslef in the protagonist and wanting to help her. Keep it up, you are really a great writer

    1. shrushtiandhare16th December 2017

      Thank you… I am glad you liked it..?

  2. Priti2nd January 2018

    Very good Shrushti 🙂 Depth of emotions is amazing. Your writing is a treat 😉


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