My time is over.


I feel it. The lightness in my weight, the blankness in my head and the silence in my ribs. Yes, that’s it. All the torture and the goal and all the pleasures of life is over. I am over, my time in this miserable but competitive world is done. At this moment I unconsciously remember my stay in here. I have been a horrible person, a bad father, a corrupt soul, and an inhuman human. I won’t say that I am not guilty since now I have to justify to no one, no one but myself whom I can’t even lie to not when I was aware of all my actions. The only difference now is that everything seems meaningless, the endless lies, the heartless acts and all I am left with is guilt. I could have at least saved that girl who belonged to me, though small bright eyes that looked at me like I was a human unlike others. I was always aware of my acts, waiting for this exact moment, waiting to be left to deal with my past. Having no knowledge of who I had to confront. I will be punished I knew, I had to deal with all my choices leaving not a single one behind. I hope that my brain stop functioning right now because all my thoughts are concentrated on this dreadful day when I left my little girl to die, when I dropped her alone to bear my mistakes. I could have avoided it, I tell myself every minute. That is the only one regret I have despite of all my life.

Suddenly I feel a slight pain from falling and I find myself on the ground, wearing that same shirt and I can see a red patch on it from the bullet which pierced through me. The pain is gone only that strain remains, reminding me to not forget my fate. Everything was dark, the presence of the room was also not felt. Soon I found myself suspended to a blind pain taking over my head which I hoped did not function anymore. The pain was so much, that I was tempted to bang my head to a wall and get killed second time today. I kept running and soon the hope of running into something vanished, there was nothing. Maybe I wasn’t even moving. After, which felt like forever, I heard a soft voice, “Don’t run from fate, you are responsible for all this pain.” And just like that I knew where that voice came from and who it belonged to. “Please it’s too much.” I try to talk… but I am interrupted again with excess pain. I shout so loud, begging to lose consciousness, it never happened. I cried out in pain, just me alone, just what I deserved. “You will bear it, even if that’s not what u desire, you will bear it forever, until you are under my house.” And just like that the voice vanished and that moment I realized, my time was over.


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I am an aspiring writer. Writing anything online is something I tried for the very first time. I consider myself to be traditional that way. Though i really wanted to knoe about my content from people and I found no better way than this. Comments mean a lot. It will help me to improve as a writer. I can’t wait to have this part of my journey started.


  1. Dermott Hayes27th August 2016

    Not entirely sure what’s going on…a duel, a man falls down, shot, thoughts race through his head of people he has harmed, children. All the action appears to happen in seconds, as he falls to the ground?

    1. shrushtiandhare27th August 2016

      I tried to show what he saw and felt after he died… his mistakes… his punishment… its like a after death experience for someone who lived cruel.

      1. Dermott Hayes27th August 2016

        I got a sense of that but only found duel in the tags. Was it a duel or a firing squad?

        1. shrushtiandhare27th August 2016

          Firing squad.. i understand i din’t really clarify that properly… but the story was is in his point of view that us why the mention of who or how he dies wasn’t very inportant.. the fact that he died and there is nothing he can do about it…

          1. Dermott Hayes27th August 2016

            Granted, but a reader needs some context and concept of time and circumstance.

          2. shrushtiandhare27th August 2016

            Agreed… i wil definately keep in mind this thing… never saw it that way…

          3. Dermott Hayes27th August 2016

            We write for someone to read. We hope they understand but to do that, we help by how we write. If we write a story, the reader reads it. We don’t tell the reader the story. We show them the story. That’s why tricks like tense, character, action and description are important. Use adverbs sparingly.

          4. shrushtiandhare27th August 2016

            Yes… i totally agree with you… thanks for the tip.. i wil definately improve on my future posts…

          5. Dermott Hayes27th August 2016

            Practice, make mistakes, practice more, learn

          6. shrushtiandhare27th August 2016

            Its all about improving as a writer… i appreciate for all ur response…

          7. Dermott Hayes27th August 2016

            My pleasure

      2. Dermott Hayes27th August 2016

        I like your use of tense, everything has an immediacy about it. Too many writers don’t think about tense in terms of how a reader must experience it.

        1. shrushtiandhare27th August 2016

          Thank u so much… ?

  2. TanGental27th August 2016

    Thank for reading and the follow Shrushti

  3. AidaZen31st August 2016

    Thank you for liking my post and following my blog. Enjoyed this!

    1. shrushtiandhare31st August 2016

      I loved dat post… it was really a good read…

  4. shreyathewriter13th September 2016

    Nominated u for the Blogger Recognition Award. Check my blog.


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